WellVine Symposium 2021

Is Chardonnay Marc the new Superfood? Find out here.

This prerecorded symposium is the best source of information for the latest research on WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc and its extraordinary promise as a great tasting, upcycled superfood ingredient — a truly unique combination of flavor, health, and sustainability. This symposium reveals what WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc is and how it is made. Perhaps most importantly, this symposium describes for the first time the natural complexity of bioactive compounds underpinning the unique combination of flavor and health benefits this superfood ingredient can potentially deliver for consumers of all ages.

WellVine Symposium 2021 – Full

Dr. Harold Schmitz
Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Torey Arvik
Chardonnay Marc – What it is and how it’s made

Dr. Daniela Barile
Oligosaccharides and Chardonnay Marc
Learning from Mother’s Milk

Katie Jackson
A New Paradigm for Sustainable Winemaking

Dr. Selina Wang
The Intersection of the Circular and Bio-Economy – A more sustainable framework

Gabriel Simmons
Leveraging AI to decode the complexity of Chardonnay Marc

Dr. Roberta Holt
Chardonnay Marc – It’s future as a Superfood

Fanny Lee
Chardonnay Marc – It’s future in nutrition and human health

The Future of WellVine Chardonnay Marc as a Superfood

Dr. John Munafo
Flavor Sensations of Chardonnay Marc

Ralph Jerome
Vine to Bar – Chardonnay Marc in Application

Dr. Harold Schmitz – Closing