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WellVine Chardonnay MarcThe New Superfood

We’ve discovered a way to create a... nutrient-dense, health-boosting superfood from pressed Chardonnay grapes.
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We all know that Chardonnay grapes are used to make wine, but what happens to the rest of the fruit once it’s been pressed?

Typically, it was thrown away. Until now...

At WellVine™, we’ve developed a proprietary process to dry and mill the grape pomace into a brand-new superfood packed with beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, and natural sweetness.

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Good for you

Chardonnay marc contains high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients. Early science suggests that these nutrients may help maintain a healthy gut and cardiovascular system.

  • Phenolics, especially Flavan-3-ols and epicatechin
  • Oligosaccharides, a type of fiber, known for their potential prebiotic benefits

Research shows that adding more flavanols and fiber to your diet is a great way to help keep your body healthy.


Good for Mother Earth

By upcycling the Chardonnay marc by-product of winemaking into ingredients used in foods and dietary supplements, WellVine™ is pioneering the path to more sustainable wine production.

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The first commercial application Of WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc

Introducing Vine to bar premium dark chocolate

Chocolate and wine have always made a great duo, now, the soul of the grape is expertly blended into the finest rich, dark chocolate for a new sensory experience that could only be imagined by the minds of winemakers paired with chocolatiers.

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Wellvine from the vines

From the vines and minds of California Winemakers

It all started with the renowned winemakers at Jackson Family Wines, one of the most successful fine wine businesses in the world. Passionate about finding a way to capture the rich nutrients remaining in freshly squeezed Chardonnay, they began experimenting. After nearly a decade of experimentation and research, the Sonomaceuticals Team succeeded in transforming pressed chardonnay grapes left over from winemaking into the alcohol-free superfood known as WellVine Chardonnay Marc.

the heart and soul of our vision

At the heart and soul of our founders’ vision is the Full Cycle of Sustainability. Nature delivers purity, nutrition and flavor. Careful vineyard management delivers raw ingredients that science and earth-friendly manufacturing turns into a sustainable business proposition. Consumers benefit from ingenious solutions to long-term problems and challenges. And, a portion of the profits go to support charitable organizations, with a focus on children’s charities.

In its own small way, WellVine™ is built to make our world a better place – with no losers, only winners at every level of operation. The result is a genuine and measurable improvement in quality of life for the communities we serve.