A win for your health. A win for your palate. A win for our planet.

WellVine™ is sourced from pressed Chardonnay, grapes a co-product of winemaking and transformed into a whole food smart prebiotic. 100% upcycled sustainability.

Our Partner in Premium Sourcing

We source exclusively from the cool coastal vineyards of Jackson Family Wines

Recognized Global leader in Sustainable Winemaking

100% of the estate vineyards and wineries are Certified Sustainable

Co-Founder of International Wineries for Climate Action (ICWA)

Vine to Value

From harvest to whole food smart prebiotic ingredient: health boosting, great taste, and supporting the planet - all in one

Our Challenge

Untapped Potential

Grape marc, the grape pulp, skin and seed after pressing, is the largest underutilized by-product from winemaking, with 1.1 million tons generated in California alone.

Our Solution

Upcycling Chardonnay Marc

By upcycling the Coastal Chardonnay Marc into ingredients used in foods and dietary supplements, WellVine™ is enabling more sustainable wine production.

The Result

Full-Cycle Sustainability

WellVine™ has achieved full cycle sustainability through careful vineyard management and innovations like our Wellvine whole food prebiotic ingredient.

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