From the Vines and Minds
of the Winemakers of Jackson Family

From Coastal Chardonnay grapes, to WellVine™ a whole food prebiotic ingredient blending gut health and sustainability.

We Are Women Owned

Sonomaceuticals, makers of WellVine™, was founded by Barbara Banke and Peggy Furth in 2009 with the mission of reducing food waste and increasing global food security.

WellVine™ is the first company to offer a whole food smart prebiotic ingredient drive from 100% upcycled wine grapes. Sourced entirely from Jackson Family Wines, our Coastal Chardonnay Grapes are rich in a tremendous diversity of oligosaccharides and packed with phenolics to better support beneficial communities of probiotic bacteria while minimizing the growth of undesirable species.

WellVine uses a proprietary method to harvest and dry the fresh pressed grapes resulting in the highest levels of bioactivity. Backed by research from world-class scientists at the University of California, Davis, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, WellVine™ is a patented, truly smart prebiotic ingredient with the added benefit of making foods taste better.

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