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What is grape marc?
Grape marc (also called pomace) is the remaining skins, seeds, stems and pulp after the grape is pressed for juice.
Why Coastal Chardonnay grapes?

The Coastal Chardonnay grapes from Jackson Family Wines used in the making of WellVine™ are unique. First, Jackson Family Wines' highest tenet is respecting the land in which the grapevines are grown. They use regenerative farming to ensure the health of the soil and to ultimately produce the best Chardonnay grapes.

Second, the wide range of temperatures where the grapes are grown (cold at night, hot in the day) causes the grapevines to increase production of certain chemicals as a defense. These chemicals include phenolic compounds, like flavonoids, all of which help the plants protect themselves against temperature-induced damage. These biochemicals also contribute to the grape's resilience. The accumulation of these phytochemicals in the grapes—and consequently in the marc, which is the solid remains after the grapes have been pressed—means that the nutritional properties of the grapes are enhanced.

What is WellVine™?
WellVine™ is a whole food prebiotic ingredient, made entirely from the marc (also called pomace) of Coastal Chardonnay grapes sourced from Jackson Family Wines. This is the co-product of the winemaking process. The marc of these grapes has been extensively studied at the USDA, UC Davis, and UT Knoxville and found to be extraordinarily rich in natural plant chemicals such as polyphenols and plant fibers such as oligosaccharides. The fibers in WellVine™ are known as prebiotic fiber, and are fuel for the “good-guy” bacteria that live and thrive in your gut.
How is WellVine™ made?
First, Coastal Chardonnay grapes are pressed for juice to make wine. Then, the leftover skins, seeds and pulp (known as the Chardonnay marc) is handled with the highest standards of food safety and undergoes proprietary drying and milling processes to preserve the rich nutrients found naturally in the marc, transforming it into WellVine™.
Is WellVine™ safe?
From start to finish, WellVine is handled with the utmost care with the consumer in mind. WellVine undergoes rigorous quality and food safety testing ensure its safety for consumers.
Does WellVine contain alcohol?
No! WellVine™ does not contain any alcohol. Chardonnay grapes are pressed for juice to make wine, and we take the rest to create WellVine™! Our Chardonnay grape marc never comes into contact with the winemaking process, so it has zero alcohol residue.
What products or foods contain WellVine™?
Currently, WellVine™ is used in Vine to Bar™ chocolate. We also have two lines of dietary supplement powders: The Original WellVine™, and WellVine™ + cocoa.
How is WellVine™ different from other grape powders?
WellVine™ is made from pressed Coastal Chardonnay grapes sourced from Jackson Family Wines. It is this specific grape marc that is heavily researched, so all findings on its polyphenol and oligosaccharides content is specific to WellVine™.